Alice & Ezrin on mental health & alcoholism

Released today from CTV News, Alice and Bob Ezrin discuss mental health and the importance of seeking help when you need it. This in conjunction with the "Bell: Let's Talk" campaign to change the conversation about mental health in Canada.

Embedding is not functioning properly at the moment, so here's a link to the video interview and accompanying article.

Also, here's the tune referenced in the interview:



Vote Alice for President AND Prime Minister

Well we've FINALLY found a worthy candidate for this election cycle, and with the very achievable goal to "make America sick again." Alice and the Wild Party have finally thrown his hat into the various political rings on both sides of the pond. And why not? As he notes, he's got t-shirts to sell.

Check out the campaign manifesto, all the cool swag, and cast your vote for a troubled man for these troubled times right here at Vote Alice Cooper.



Alice & the Apple Watch

Here's Alice "sporting" a new Apple Watch. (See what I did there?) Go get that movement for the day, Golf Monster.

Currently featuring the German version of the spot:



Alice covers McCartney

Having seen both of them live and up close, Alice covering Paul McCartney is an exciting proposition. He, of course, handles Eleanor Rigby beautifully, as you'll hear below. All this for the forthcoming album "The Art of McCartney."

 BONUS: Here's an interview about the two songs he covers.

You may also enjoy the related Rolling Stone article, and Alice's specific artist page on the album promotion site.



Wit, Wisdom & Wickedness



A Message From Alice on Solid Rock

Alice shares the vision of The Solid Rock Foundation.



Update: Wayne's World Jacket FOUND!

A year ago we put out the alert that Alice had a break in. Among his stolen goods was the jacket he wore in Wayne's World. Well, what once was lost now is found, at least in the case of said jacket. (And, as the story goes, I was right to tell you to check that seedy back alley.)

Here's the official article with more details:
News :
ARCHIVES BREAK-IN UPDATE - Stolen Wayne's World Jacket Returned!

And the clip that created a fan before we even knew the word "blog:"

Party On!



Decisions, Decisions: Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2012

For 2012, Universal Studios will host not one but two all new Alice themed haunts. The problem? They're on opposite coasts.

We've been to both Halloween Horror Nights locations, one each over the past 2 years, and last year specifically for the Alice haunt in CA. (Which I just realized I have yet to post about. Wow, I have been busy.) How ever shall we choose which one? (Hollywood creative director, John Murdy, wanted to rock, paper, scissors me for it. If only it were so simple...)

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood (ad for both locations)

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando



ALERT: Help Alice find his stolen goods

Alice's L.A. storage unit was robbed at the weekend. Of specific note is the jacket he wore in Wayne's World. If you see any such suspicious Alice-type items floating around ebay, or up for grabs in a seedy back alley, his people at archives@alicecooper.com want to know.
Details here.



Oh no! We've been Coopertized!

Horrors! Alice has taken over the blog!

Click here to see our Coopertization. Dig around for hidden videos, pix, contests and more.

To see another site Coopertized,  visit the Coopertizer here.